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In the rug world, it is hard to confine kilims to a certain region. Kilim is a Turkish word, but the same textiles were called gelim in Persia and palas in the Caucuses. While we could say production was concentrated in Turkey (Anatolia), the Caucasus and Persia, other regions of the world wove similar tapestries, textiles and blankets. However, these three main areas were influenced by Islamic culture, where kilims as we know them were just family customs, passed from generation to generation.


Kilims have not been floating around in the market for too long, however, their origins might not have been too far behind the creation of the loom. They were these awkward sized rugs with low cushion, incomparable to the pile rugs that were high in demand. Often, they were used to hold other carpets like a casing, for storage and transportation. Due to lack of attention, kilims slipped right past us, they have our attention now.


To be candid, kilims could be some of the most artistic rugs to date. They are made from a blend of cultures, nomads passing through lands during migrations, sharing ideas and designs, and there are UNLIMITED designs. Kilims are personal. They could be delicate, subtle and quiet, or bold, powerful and loud. They were belongings, not bought but made for oneself. They could be woven to celebrate a wedding, a rug that would exude the bride's dreams or everything the family had to offer. A kilim was a special gift with no commercial or monetary value.


So, take a look at some of our new kilims below. We can guarantee they'll be a conversation piece and bring your home a sense of beauty and happiness.

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