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An Ancient Weaving Tradition Creates Tribal Wine Carriers


Persian nomads used multiple kinds of bags to carry blankets, garments and food as they moved about. Our wine carriers have been made using old bags woven by the Qashqa'i tribe from southern Iran, along with newly purposed Baluch Soumaks and Gabbehs. To preserve this weaving tradition, many tribal bags and bag faces are repaired and recycled to create new products you are seeing below. The carriers combine kilim, soumak and knotted-pile techniques to achieve a diverse texture, resulting in a sturdy three-dimensional object made for everyday use. 

As our Rustigian community already knows, the city of Shiraz once produced the finest wine in the world, dating back to 9th century Persia. In a way, you can consider these carriers a homage to their historical roots.

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